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London Road, Newcastle Under Lyme

RLW was entrusted by Abode Residence, the main contractor, to undertake a comprehensive roofing and cladding project spanning three years. The project involved the construction of five student accommodation blocks, aimed at providing convenient housing options for students attending Keele and Staffordshire Universities.

The project commenced in 2020, and RLW’s primary responsibilities included the installation of roofing and cladding systems for the student accommodation blocks. The roofing scope encompassed the application of Sika Sarnafil membrane bonded over 120mm tissue faced PIR insulation, covering an area exceeding 4,000m2. In addition, RLW successfully completed the cladding work, which entailed fabricating and installing over 5,000m2 of powder-coated 2mm aluminium cassette profile cladding panels.

Achieving a flawless integration between the cladding panels, windows, and doors was of utmost importance. Each panel was meticulously scheduled and precisely installed to ensure a perfect fit. RLW collaborated with P&H Fabrications, their in-house fabricators, to produce the bespoke cladding panels, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the student accommodation blocks.

The successful completion of the project relied heavily on RLW’s expertise in roofing and cladding systems. The application of Sika Sarnafil membrane, known for its durability and performance, over the PIR insulation was meticulously executed to provide long-term weatherproofing and energy efficiency. RLW’s skilled workforce demonstrated their proficiency in handling the complex installation process, adhering to stringent quality standards throughout.

The completion of the roofing and cladding project marked a significant milestone for RLW and Abode Residence. The finished student accommodation blocks stood as a testament to the meticulous workmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering exceptional results. Hundreds of students now had access to well-designed, modern housing options, greatly reducing their commuting time and enhancing their overall university experience.

RLW’s collaboration with Abode Residence on the roofing and cladding project exemplified their capabilities in executing large-scale construction projects. The successful completion of over 5,000m2 of cladding panels and 4,000m2 of Sika Sarnafil membrane installation demonstrated RLW’s technical expertise and commitment to delivering outstanding results. This project highlighted RLW’s ability to meet complex requirements, contribute to the development of superior student accommodation, and foster client satisfaction.

Project: 1 London Road
Product: P&H Aluminium secret fix cladding and Sarnafil Single Ply Membrane P&H Aluminium Capping.
Contractor: Abode
Value: £2.5 million 

Have a question, or want to discuss your project in more detail?
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Have a question, or want to discuss your project in more detail?
Don’t hesitate to get in touch.