VW Group HQ, Delaware Drive


The VW Group HQ in Milton Keynes was around 2500m2 of Hotmelt works covered in ballast and paving slabs with the addition of two single ply roofs. We worked closely with the main contractor on this project and undertook additional works based on our site performance, we took on many works (including internal cast iron downpipes) outside our original scope of works to help deliver the project on time.


Radmat Permaquik Hotmelt system, including ballast and paving slabs to the main roof. Sarnafil single ply system including metal deck to the Ancillary building and plant room. Aluminium cappings and guttering to various roofs. Cast iron downpipes. 7 riser housings in various sizes from 4m x 1.5m to 11m x 1.5m in timber dressed with Sarnafil. Access hatches with controllers.


Vinci Construction UK Ltd